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As a provider of commercial cleaning services, our business has been built on a reputation for quality.
We are committed to our promise of top quality professional service. Champ’s goal is to provide commercial business and office cleaning through honesty, integrity and hard work.

Commercial buildings depend upon a clean, inviting appearance to attract visitors and customers.
It is extremely important that entrances, lobbies, common areas, waiting areas and bathrooms be kept spotless, to uphold the public perception of your business.

We have over 10 years of experience in office cleaning, with a solid reputation for excellence in our service area. Cleaning services are available during or after regular business hours.
Our cleaning equipment, procedures and supplies are all environmentally and public-friendly.

Our cleaning and maintenance program focuses on the most important areas of a client’s office: administration, amenities and kitchen areas. Account executives are also on-call for any client’s special request.

General Work Areas

  • Empty & dispose of all rubbish & recyclables
  • Replace rubbish liner
  • Wipe clean rubbish trash cans – as needed
  • Dust all computers, telephones, printers, etc
  • Dust/polish all desks, credenzas, tables & files
  • Dust all business machines
  • Dry mop all hard surface flooring
  • Wet mop/disinfect all hard surface flooring
  • Spot clean all glass panels
  • Whisk clean upholstered seating – as needed
  • Detail clean conference rooms & reception areas
  • Vacuum all carpeting


  • Empty & dispose of all rubbish
  • Wash all dishes – as needed
  • Clean & disinfect sinks – counters – cabinets
  • Clean coffee pots & machines
  • Wipe down all appliances; refrigerators, microwaves, water coolers
  • Restock all coffee, teas & associated supplies
  • Mop & disinfect flooring


  • Empty & dispose of all rubbish
  • Wipe clean rubbish trash cans – as needed
  • Clean & disinfect all toilets
  • Clean & disinfect all sinks, buff all fixtures
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Wipe down all walls, partitions & doors – as needed
  • Clean & disinfect all doorknobs
  • Restock all toilet tissue, hand towels, facial tissue & hand soaps
  • Mop & disinfect all flooring

Our program also provides clients with a choice of weekly, monthly, or quarterly services. Management regularly check in with on-site cleaning crews to make sure clients get consistent quality service.

Weekly Service

  • Clean/polish all tables, credenzas & end tables
  • Carpet spot/stain removal – as needed
  • Spot clean all doors; remove smudges & hand prints – as needed
  • High dust all areas between 5 & 8ft
  • Trash all perishable food from refrigerators; disinfect in & out
  • Spot clean walls & light switches – as needed
  • Wipe down all staircase railings
  • Mop all staircases & landings

Monthly Service

  • Vacuum all upholstered seating
  • Wipe down all file cabinets – as needed
  • Clean & disinfect all telephone handsets, untangle cords
  • Wipe down all window sills & moldings
  • Dust all chair bases

Quarterly Service

  • Scrub/clean/wax & buff resilient floor tile
  • High pressure steam clean & disinfect all restroom
  • High pressure steam clean & disinfect all food service areas
  • Dust overhead light fixture
  • Wipe down all doors & door frames
  • Clean all rubbish cans
  • Scrub clean & disinfect kitchen floor
  • Vacuum all food service area ceilings
  • Vacuum all restroom ceilings

Office Spaces

  • Empty & dispose of all trash & recyclable
  • Dust all photocopiers & wipe clean placement table glass
  • Wipe down all counters & cabinet
  • Dust shelving – as needed
  • Polish & clean elevator lobbies – as needed

Specialty Services


Our window cleaning can help your business attract prospective customers and retain existing ones. Clean windows are especially important for retail stores and hospitality outlets, as there are usually so many other options for people to choose from. Sparkling windows will help you stand out from the competition and give you a much-needed advantage in the marketplace.

High rise and difficult to access windows aren’t a problem for us and can be cleaned using our 37ft water-fed pole delivery system. AKA our ‘big pole!’


  • Dust & polish all furnishings
  • Remove all construction debris
  • Remove white construction dust from all surfaces
  • Clean interior storage – drawers & cabinets
  • Vacuum all carpet & upholstered seating
  • Localised carpet spot cleaning – as needed
  • Remove scuff-marks left from movers


An integral part of any effective floor maintenance system is the need to carry out periodical deep cleans of the tiles and grouting. Deep cleans in most situations will effectively remove locked in soiling from hard floor surfaces and grouting that could never be removed by conventional mop and bucket maintenance alone. Our specialist personnel have the knowhow and specialist equipment that’s required to produce great results on a consistent basis.